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"Julia is a person that will go above and beyond expectations. She consistently wants to learn more and is the first one to volunteer to assist in any way she feels would benefit the organization. Julia has a thirst for knowledge and isn't afraid to dig in and contribute." - Tina Weiss, Executive Director of the Kids from Wisconsin

"I have been impressed with her consistently high levels of professionalism and attention to detail as well as her engaging sense of humor that greatly contributed to group morale." - Dr. Eric Richards, Director of Bands and Jazz Studies, Sheridan College 

"She brings in an enjoyable, friendly, and humorous attitude towards other employees and clients in the workplace."



Tenor Sax: Rockford

Tenor Sax: Green-Eyed Diva

Vocals, Tenor Sax: Heartbreaker - Pat Benetar

Vocals, Flute: Rhiannon - Fleetwod Mac

Flute, Tenor Sax: Last Dance

Tenor Sax: Never Gonna Give You Up

Baritone Saxophone - 90's Medley

Alto Sax, Clarinet - Saints

Classical Sample


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